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We are on the exploratory journey of discovering community through creativity & unique visual representation. Cultural Aesthetic partners with a diverse selection of communities, local artists to procure works for enhancement of spaces & environments. We collaborate with architects, collectors, designers, developers, organizations, public agencies, property management, real estate firms. 

Kristi Holohan is a Creative Arts Consultant, experienced Cultural Strategist and the founder of Cultural Aesthetic. She has decades of practice as a  multifaceted artist with comprehensive experience in various art mediums. Her representation of the arts is not merely her profession – it is her passion. Holohan is dedicated to a just and equitable community and works to provide access to the Arts for all members of society.


Advisory Board

Our work is deeply rooted in community. We have a commitment to equity and artistic accessibility. Our Advisory Board consists of a group of experts who are available to assist on strategic planning, and organizational growth.  They lend their skills and knowledge towards our programming.

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