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Art Acquisitions

What if we built our livelihood around places? As a liaison between artists and clients we create dynamic spaces where people want to live, learn, play, and work.


Partnerships between individuals, businesses, organizations, or municipalities, combined with a variety of diverse Artistic experiences enhance your collection, activate your space, and create an intentional place.

  • Art collection, curation, collaborations + commissions for commercial or private use

  • Artist representation – liaison between artists and commissioning clients

  • Creative Project Management

  • Gallery Tours

  • Building personal + brand aesthetics

  • Installation mockups + rendered models of art within the space/environment

  • Navigating government/agency guidelines + building local agency networks

  • Neighborhood beautification/rejuvenation

  • Partnering local artists with business districts, city planners and cultural arts departments

  • Promoting Cultural Diversity in the Arts

  • Support for cultural districts + civic engagement + procurement of culturally diverse arts

  • Site-specific installations

  • Site Scouting

  • Reproduction (archival)

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